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Shaping the future through education.

We are a group of young, dedicated entrepreneurs dedicated to our name. We focus on the promotion of talents and skills. Our name is the translation of these focuses into Swahili. We are the Kipaji group.

In a world of change and progress, we face the challenge of developing sustainable, long-term solutions for the future. Our belief is that education and the individual development of our potential are the key to addressing these challenges. We strive for an educational offer that can be reached and used by everyone on this earth. Education that focuses on individual needs and potentials and promotes the talents of the individual. An educational system that provides a foundation for the development and improvement of society.

Discover diversity

There is diversity every single one of us. In our OCULAR project we work on diversity, culture and values. We offer a process to schools, organizations and companies, in which the participants discover themselves, their background, cultural imprints and their value system. The goal of the project is not just to boost every single participant’s personal development, but also create an atmosphere of collective learning, the learning from each other.  The project supports the team building process of the group, as well as an open-minded, tolerant and learning society.

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Support talent

With our Kipaji Foundation we strive to enable and support education and educational development. The Kipaji Scholarship stands for our name – Talents.

We support students, the talents of our future, with our scholarship to finish their secondary education and through that to create new opportunities for their future. In order to develop our program, our work as well as our support further we foster a close and direct communication with our partners, partner schools and scholars.

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Unfold potential

Whether being in school, organizations or companies, we face a variety of challenges as individual as well as a team. With our training portfolio we offer individuals, non-profits and companies, professional and custom-made process support and supervision.

We design our workshops and processes aligned to the needs of our clients. During the supervision of the process we pay special attention towards the balance between the group dynamic, the goal of the process and involving, interactive, inspiring and motivating method diversity.

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Education – a sustainable and long-term solution

With the Kipaji Group we form a broad and growing portfolio tackling the topics education and personal development. On the on hand we indirectly support education through our blog, articles, calls for action and our scholarship program. On the other hand, we work actively on education through workshops, seminars and cooperative projects. In total, we already represent a broad spectrum of education.

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Develop potentials!

To develop and support education is an important, but complex and extensive process. We are happy to welcome every supporter to assist us on our path and there are various possibilities to get involved and to be engaged!

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We are looking forward to add and welcome new competences, skills and passionate education-development-seekers in our team. Just send us your CV and a short cover letter, in order for us to receive a first impression. Afterwards we will be happy to get to know you in a personal call.

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