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Explore new perspectives.

Education, which is available and affordable for every single person on earth. Education, which focusses on individual needs and potentials and supports individual talents to grow. An educational system, which forms a strong base for the development and progress of our society.

We strive for a world, in which people are able to use their talents, grow to their full potential and are able to use their skills to fulfill their dreams.

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Engagement, passion and competences.

One team. Spread all over Germany. Different personalities. Multiple and diverse competences and skills. Various educational backgrounds and professional experiences. Together we strive to develop ourselves, our organization, our projects and programs.

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Shaping the future through education.

We are a group of young, engaged entrepreneurs and committed ourselves to our name. We focus our work on supporting and developing talents and skillsets. These focusses translated into Swahili represents our name. We are the Kipaji Group.

All areas of our company are dedicated to education, the development of people and the transformation of idle potential.

This reflects within all our three legal forms, the Stiftungsfonds (foundation), non-for-profit UG (enterprise company) and independent freelancer, as well as in our entire product portfolio.

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Accompany us in our development.

Escort us on the journey into our past and find out, how we changed and developed throughout time from our establishment on until today.

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