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Join us on a journey into the past and find out how we have changed and developed throughout time.

April 2017


Hamburg – The Kipaji business group is growing. The Kipaji non-profit UG (limited liability) is established, registered and recognized. With the new legal form, we are extending our legal foundation for our OCULAR project and other educational projects.

September 2016


Garbsen – Our OCULAR project takes place for the first time at a school in the form of a project week.

March 2016

Hamburg – Since a new president has been elected in Tanzania in November, many things are changing in the country. Also in the school system, where the school attendance is now up to the 10th class free of charge. Kipaji therefore supports scholarships for students of grades 11 and 12, so that they can receive a higher degree of education and thus have better prospects for their future.

February 2016

Hamburg – The Kipaji Newsletter is out! It will be sent once in quarter, you can register on the homepage of Kipaji.

December 2015

Hamburg – Kipaji continues to grow: already 11 young people volunteer for education in Tanzania.

November 2015


Hamburg – In the course of the current refugee crisis in Europe, Kipaji has created a toolbox to support volunteer German teachers. Here you can find free teaching material, numerous links as well as helpful tips and tricks.

May 2015

Hamburg – Within the framework of the European Week 2015 in Hamburg, Kipaji provides a workshop for the exchange of development policy and intercultural topics.

March 2015

Hamburg – Kipaji grows: A team of 5 committed to the Kipaji movement is being developed. In the course of the enlargement, the concept is revised and a first Kipaji kick-off takes place.

January 2014


Hamburg / Tanzania – Kipaji can support 27 of the over 70 applicants with a scholarship. Through the support the students can finish their continuing education. Firstly, school fees and, in some cases, accommodation and food are covered.

Autumn 2013


World Wide Web – A Crowdfunding Campaign collects over € 2,500 to help Tanzanian students with no financial resources to complete their secondary school education.

Summer 2013


Tanzania – Jendrik Peters travels through Tanzania to develop the concepts of scholarships and educational projects with pupils, schools, universities, authorities and the ministry, and to establish initial partnerships.

Spring 2013

Hamburg – Kipaji Trainings is online. The first web site is set up and the first training takes place.

December 2012


Somewhere in Germany – The project gets a name. From a long list of possible project names “Kipaji” succeeds. The word comes from the African Kiswahili and means “talent, ability and gift”.

Summer 2012

Bonn – After the dream of an education-supported foundation has matured, the holistic approach arises through the combination of trainings, educational projects and foundation.

April 2010


Mbeya – Jendrik Peters teaches a 7th grade in the computer class of the Sangu Secondary School.

Surrounded by 12 to 14-year-olds, a young man (28) stands out of the crowd. He worked for over 14 years to fulfill his dream of going to a secondary school. The determination of the man impresses Jendrik – the first thought of a foundation was born.