Our Structure

//Our Structure

Shaping the future through education.

A group of young, dedicated entrepreneurs who have dedicated themselves to their name. They focus on the promotion of talents and abilities. Their name is the translation of these focuses into Swahili – meaning the Kipaji business group.

All areas of the group concern education, the development of people and the implementation of unused potentials. The team at Kipaji uses the competencies of the individual team members and their network to implement their goals. This creates a professional, service-oriented and agile learning environment. This is reflected in the three legal forms of foundation, non-profit UG and freelancing trainer network and the related products.

Kipaji gUG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Kipaji Stiftungsfonds

Kipaji - Jendrik Peters

Unfold potential.

Educational projects and training, individually developed to meet current challenges in our society. With the Kipaji gUG we meet challenges in the educational landscape and focus on the development of potential in each individual participant.

The OCULAR project forms the basis of the UG and promotes tolerance, uniqueness and a better group atmosphere. Further projects and workshops are going to be provided for further education for teachers, training in youth work and projects for the implementation of SDGs.

As a non-profit organization, Kipaji gUG is entitled to issue donation certificates.

Education as an aid to self-help.

With the Kipaji scholarship, the Kipaji Foundation supports students in Tanzania. Through the scholarship, pupil who can not afford schooling are supported until the end of their schooling. This gives them new opportunities and is a stepboard for a better future. We maintain a close partnership with our partners and direct contact with our scholars.

The Kipaji Foundation Fund is managed under the direction of the non-profit foundation Stifter-für-Stifter. We believe donations should be used for the intended purpose, so a maximum of 10% of our donations is used for administrative purposes. Donation certificates can be issued through the Stiftung Stifter-für-Stifter.

Support and accompany development.

With Kipaji – Jendrik Peters’ freelance trainer network, we meet economic needs. We support organizations with individually designed workshops, coaching and consulting to meet challenges and accompany them on their way through change into a self-designed future.

As a trainer network, we offer the right trainer, team developer, outdoor trainer, conflict moderator, coach and / or consultant for every need.

Our aim is to provide a professional, sustainable consultancy service, coupled with a diversified and inspiring methodology – balanced on the narrow line between the clear goal and the acute needs of the client and the participants – in a pleasant, curiosity-filled, learning environment.