Our Vision & Values

//Our Vision & Values

We are Kipaji.

We #changeeducation to unleash the potential of humankind.

Explore new perspectives.

Education, which is available and affordable for every single person on earth. Education, which focusses on individual needs and potentials and supports individual talents to grow. Methods, which allow appealing and diversified learning processes. An educational system, which embodies the current values and needs of our society. An educational system, which forms a strong base for the development and progress of our society.

Frequently, the question arises as to which value ‚Äč‚Äčeducation and development are attributed by people. Working conditions for teachers are getting worse. The education budget is gladly shortened in order to close budget gaps. Business training budgets are eliminated or neglected in order to increase profits or “more important” investments.

In addition to the social changes that we want to accompany and accelerate, it is also the individual destiny, the development of individual persons and groups that we support and promote.

We strive for a world in which everyone uses their talents, everyone fully exploits their potential and each individual has the skills to pursue his or her dream.

Movement towards a better future.

A claim. A direction. A target. Our main product. Kipaji focuses on the development of education with all areas of the business group. We stand for educational development with our active and operative educational projects, workshops and coaching sessions and indirectly through project support and our scholarship program.

We refer to existing and functioning education systems and models and support the implementation and application of these systems. At the same time, we are striving to develop new approaches, ideas and models, to apply them in practice and to develop education on the social level.

Our values

Enjoy Learning.

We actively create and support a pleasant and productive learning environment for our team and partners. We strive for continuous development.

Living Diversity.

We perceive diversity in people, environments and themes and use them for our working processes. We would adapt ourselves to our partners, participants and team members individual needs.

Engaging Together.

We approach education as a team. We actively involve our partners and society.

Realizing Potential.

Each individual individual has an infinite potential. We use this potential and implement it in skills and growth.

Inspiring People.

We are inspired by our environment, other projects and people, and have the ambition to stimulate our environment and society in the field of education.