#changeeducation: A campaign to change education

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Perhaps last year you noticed our videos and posts in the social media channels under the hashtag #changeeducation, which should be continued this year. In our blog today we want to explain to you what the campaign is all about and how you can participate in it.

The campaign
#changeeducation, is an online campaign by Kipaji. Under this slogan, we want to collect your criticism, ideas and approaches on education in Germany and around the world. More than ten friends and friends of the Kipaji team have already participated in the campaign and explained their views on education.

The campaign is not about changing education from now on. Rather, we are concerned with putting the issue of education at the center of a social discussion and encouraging people to reflect.

What kind of education do we want for our country?
Which topics are more important than ever, but are missing in our classical education system? Whose task is education at all? Is it a task for parents, teachers, the state government?

We believe that education is the task of all of us. And it is precisely for this reason that it is important for everyone to form an opinion. Like the 17-year-old Naina, who triggered a discussion in Germany with her Twitter entry about her knowledge gaps in taxation and insurance.

So you can participate in the campaign
There are several ways to support our campaign. You can share your opinion on the topic via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other channels and tag it with the hashtag #changeeducation. Or you can do it like Paula, Max, Desislava and Jendrik and create a maximum two-minute video on the topic of education in which you share your view on education. For more information, please contact Nadine von Kipaji at nadine@kipaji.org