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Explore, engage and understand diversity

Our OCULAR-Project:
Our Cultures: Understand. Live. Act. Respect.

We see culture not as country, continent or religion-related behaviors, but rather as the perceptions, the patterns of thought and the actions of the individual.

In this sense, we consider individuals in the OCULAR project and support the understanding and acceptance of one’s own personality and culture. By looking at the personalities and cultures within the group, the understanding and the recognition of uniqueness are encouraged. Current topics including globalization, flight and international teams are being considered.

Future Projects

The list of future projects and not yet developed ideas is growing weekly. We are working on further education projects, new methods and teaching processes and training for people with a teaching function. There are also meeting and training centers on our list of projects that are yet to be designed and implemented.

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The OCULAR Project

Whether in the media or through our fellow human beings: daily we come into contact with other cultures. Through globalization and technology development, it has become impossible to remain alone in a cultural circle. But no matter whether in the

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