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Our OCULAR-Project:
Our Cultures: Understand. Live. Act. Respect.

We see culture not as country, continent or religion-related behaviors, but rather as the perceptions, the patterns of thought and the actions of the individual.

In this sense, we consider individuals in the OCULAR project and support the understanding and acceptance of one’s own personality and culture. By looking at the personalities and cultures within the group, the understanding and the recognition of uniqueness are encouraged. Current topics including globalization, flight and international teams are being considered.

During the process, we focus on the social and inter-active interactions of the group. In deepening and discussing, we are guided by the common learning process and especially the diversity and the handling of this diversity.

On the basis of the transcultural approach, we start with a look at the personality and extend it to the global society.

Thus, global learning and the diversity approach is handled in a different way, imparting indispensable competences to our globalized world, and strengthening both the group and the individual himself.

The framework of the OCULAR workshops

We have designed selected parts of the OCULAR process in the workshop format, which we adapt to the topic you have chosen and the current group situation. The OCULAR workshops can be carried out with a minimum duration of 3 hours for small and large groups.

We offer OCULAR workshops to both schools and companies.

Sample topics in our OCULAR workshops

Defined or thought?

From cultural stereotypes and stencils

The examination of stereotypes and prejudices, which we encounter individually and which we carry with us. Cultural dimensions are compared and the effects for the individual and the group are worked out.

From cuddly pillows and panic rooms

The pupils put themselves in culturally challenging situations. They see and understand how different perception arises and how this can have a negative as well as a positive effect.

Me, Myself and I

Re-inventing or self-discovering

The deepening discussion with one’s own person. What do you see? What do the others see in one? What can and should be changed? What is the effect of the clearer awareness about a person and the group?

The methodology of OCULAR

The focus of the OCULAR project is the interaction of the participants and the joint learning. To this end, we offer an interactive foundation, in which the needs of the participants are taken into account and the process is flexibly adapted to the target with a view to the target.

In order to maximize the learning content, theories are combined with experiences from everyday situations, the participants’ experiences are worked on and processed.

Intercultural learning and the diversity approach are applied to the group and accompanied by the speakers.

The training is varied and inspiring.

The method elements

  • exercises
  • discussions
  • reflection
  • simulations
  • Case Studies
  • Work in groups
  • Role Play
  • individual work

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