Emmaberg Girls Secondary School

///Emmaberg Girls Secondary School

Our founder, Jendrik Peters, had his first contact with Emmaberg as early as 2010 during his “weltwärts” time in Tanzania. The Emmaberg Girls Secondary School was founded in 2005 and is located 14 km southwest of the town of Makambako. The secondary private school belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church and is currently visited by about 350 girls. In addition to the education of the pupils, the holistic approach to education includes the reduction of gender-specific prejudices in society. This is to be achieved by orienting the teaching on new didactic knowledge. The pupils are supported in their abilities as best as possible in order to be optimally prepared for the global working world. In 2013, the school management, the pupils and the collegium together with us developed the requirements for the scholarship program. In 2014 and 2015 we supported the first scholarship holders at the school.