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Since 2013 we dedicate our work to the further development and promotion of education. With our foundation fund we support and support our scholarship holders in Tanzania. With the Kipaji gUG, we design educational projects and workshops that we conduct joint learning, the discovery of diversity and the growth of potential.

With your donation, you can support our work in the long term and help us to carry out our work permanently!

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Donation fund for educational scholarships

Recipient: Kipaji Stiftungsfonds

IBAN: DE52 7002 0500 5027 0367 00

Bank für Sozialwirtschaft

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The Kipaji Foundation Fund is established by the Foundation Stiftungsfonds. This corporation is tax-deductible in Germany for the promotion of the development co-operation, the education and charitable purposes (tax office Munich, tax number: 143/235/76573). The donation fund is administered in the Haus des Stiftens.

Donation account for educational projects

Recipient: Kipaji gUG

IBAN: DE83 7002 2200 0020 2310 09

Fidor Bank

Your address + for long-term use of funds

The Kipaji gUG is recognized for tax purposes in Germany for the promotion of development cooperation, education and charitable purposes (Tax Office Hamburg, tax number: 17/430/16773).

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