Food in Tanzania

//Food in Tanzania

During a visit to another country, it is always very exciting to experience a foreign culture and absorb as much as possible from it. In addition to the unusual odors, sounds, language, rhythms and clothing styles, the food is of great importance. Each country has its very own food culture with different tastes and habits.


In Germany, for example, it is usual to eat three large meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. While mostly cold food such as rolls or muesli are consumed here in Tanzania, most of the time warm food is consumed and tea is drunk. Typical here are stews, e.g. With cooking bananas and meat, or pasta like Chapati and Mandazi. Chapati is similar to a dough tray and Mandazi are small dough balls whose consistency is reminiscent of a donut.

Another difference lies in the way of eating. While in Germany cutlery is taken to hand, it is common in Tanzania with his hands to eat. Otherwise, much meat and rather less vegetables are eaten in the East African country. Popular here are small beef spits or fried food like chips Mayai, which consists of an omelette with French fries.

The national dish is called Ugali and is a maize porridge, which is served to many dishes and is rather tasteleneutral. As far as the drinks are concerned, a lot of tea is drunk in Tanzania and hardly any coffee. Although Tanzania is a non-negligible coffee producer, a large portion of the world is shipped and not consumed locally. Popular alcoholic drinks are the high-percentage of Konyagi, which reminds of Gin, and the domestic beer Serengeti, Kilimanjaro and Safari.