Foundation 2017



Our claim is to deal responsibly and trustfully with the donations received. Therefore, we want to show as transparently as possible where our donations come from and how we use our donations.

For questions or suggestions, we are happy to help!


The Kipaji Scholarship 2017

The donations received in 2016 enabled us to support a total of 18 scholarship holders.

The distribution of a total of € 1,200 is distributed among the following items:

  • 31 % for daily food
  • 31 % for school uniforms and shoes
  • 25 % for school materials
  • 2 % for hygiene articles for the girls
  • 12 % for the transfer of materials to the school

Our donations received

For better planning, we have decided that we will use all the donations we make this year for the distribution of scholarships in the following financial year.

In 2017, we received a total of € 2,979.03 in donations for our scholarships in 2018. 10% of these donations went to the foundation fund for long-term use of funds.

The entire donation went to the following posts:

  • 4 % through donations on Africa Festivals
  • 10 % through donations from the Kipaji team to cover the administrative costs
  • 86 % through donations from individuals and businesses