From dream to reality – Kipaji is founded

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A dream is progressing. The work of just 2 years is official. The Kipaji Founding Fund is launched with a signature.

It began two years ago with the first research and discussion of the different formats to enable education in Tanzania: Foundation, legal, non-legal, fiduciary, non-profit, foundation fund – the offer is overwhelming. Decided for a format, the next questions arise:

Which bearer is used, which fits with the format, to the own ideas? How does he work? What duties and possibilities do you have with which? Where is a good feeling and a secure feeling?

Questions about questions that are going through your head at the moment when you sign. But in the end, only one question remains: what am I doing here?

The small and big challenges, the beautiful moments – through the scholarship, which we supported in January, our wishes and ideas receive individual faces. Added to this are the faces of my team, with whom I work together on this success. At the moment, as the pen touches the paper, all these people are dipping in my head, and slowly I realize what I am doing right now; What is happening here and now.

The Kipaji Founding Fund has been established since this moment, and thus, from an idea, the project Kipaji, becomes reality. There are not just four dedicated students who want to start something. There are four young students who have created something, have created something. Something that changed lives changed other people.

We are Kipaji, we are the Kipaji Foundation Fund – we enable education.