Jumping from 2015 to 2016

//Jumping from 2015 to 2016

Millions of refugees on their way to Europe, terrorist attacks, aircraft detachments and downfalls have dominated the media in 2015. Challenges that have shaped our company and will continue to occupy us in the aftermath of the coming years.

This year, however, we have also been able to experience solidarity and charity in a quantity, as we have done for a long time.

We at Kipaji also look back on an eventful and versatile year 2015. In our first year as an official foundation fund, we have been able to move many challenges and processes.

Kipaji has grown to an 11-man team. In this process, some of the internal processes were restructured. We were able to support 6 scholarship holders in Tanzania to go to school and have a little help with this toolbox for teaching with refugees.

2016 is there in children’s shoes and we look forward to a year with great, self-imposed challenges.
This year, we have decided to contribute the new experiences and perspectives of the grown team and to expand and expand our projects and partnerships.

We are looking forward to new partnerships, we will adapt our processes to the new developments in Tanzania (since 1 January 2016, there are no school fees for public schools!) And will introduce and share many new stories of our scholarship holders.

In Germany, we will start a new project and contribute to intercultural understanding in schools.

We are looking forward to this journey with you and look forward to an exciting year 2016.