New Years: Tanzania vs. Germany

//New Years: Tanzania vs. Germany

Almost everyone knows the German customs at the turn of the year, be it the Bleigießen, watch “Dinner for one” or at midnight with a fireworks colorful the new year.

In Tanzania there is a very different tradition called Mwaka Kogwa. This is a Persian New Year’s Eve tradition taking place in Zanzibar. To be lucky in the new year, a fight game is organized and all male participants beat each other to express their aggression in the past year. While the men are busy, the women wear their best clothes and sing traditional songs about family, joy and love. Afterwards the Mganga (traditional healer), ignites a hat and reads from the resulting smoke, which prosperity the village can expect next year.

As at the end of all the festivities, a party is held at the end, a symbol of joy and prosperity.

With this little insight into the New Year celebrations in Tanzania, the Kipaji team wishes you all the best for the year 2016.