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Develop potentials

With our educational offers and projects we build bridges between different worlds. Together we meet social challenges and support teachers and youth leaders in their work.

We create a framework to slow down, to focus, to explore, to discover, to understand and to develop.

With our educational and school projects, workshops, virtual seminars and MEETx evenings we offer space to learn together and from each other, to create something new together and to grow as an individual and a society.

Discover, meet and understand diversity

Our OCULAR-Project: Our Cultures: Understand. Live. Act. Respect.

We see culture not only as a country, continent or religion-related behavior, but rather as the perceptions, thought patterns and actions of the individual. In this sense, we look at the individuals in the OCULAR project and support the understanding and acceptance of their own personality and culture. A look at the personalities and cultures of the group promotes that understanding and recognition of uniqueness. Globalization, flight and internationally active teams are considered as current topics.

open training offers


With our open workshops, we offer continuing education courses for active, experienced group leaders, teachers and all those interested in various topics.

virtual seminars

With our virtual seminars, we enable development processes – detached from the busy schedules, spatial restrictions or fixed schedules.


With our format MEETx we invite you to an evening in a cozy circle. The focus of the evening will be on a topic, where questions and perspectives will be deepened, exchanged and discussed. Each MEETx is subject to a predetermined topic.

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