The OCULAR Project

//The OCULAR Project

Our OCULAR-Project

Our Cultures: Understand. Live. Act. Respect.

We see culture not only as a country, continent or religion-related behavior, but rather as the perceptions, thought patterns and actions of the individual.

Discover, meet and understand diversity

In this sense, we look at the individuals in the OCULAR project and support the understanding and acceptance of their own personality and culture. A look at the personalities and cultures of the group promotes that understanding and recognition of uniqueness. Globalization, flight and internationally active teams are considered as current topics.

During the process, we focus on the social and end-to-end interactions of the group. In deepening and discussing, we orient ourselves to the common learning process and especially consider the diversity and the handling of this diversity.

Based on the transcultural approach, we begin with a look at the personality and expand it to the point of global society.

Thus, Global Learning and the Diversity Approach are handled differently, imparting essential skills to our globalized world, and empowering both the group and the individual.

We offer the OCULAR project to both schools and companies in various formats.

Seminar format

The whole OCULAR process from the consideration of the individual personality over the cultural meeting of the individual group members up to the analysis of the whole group and to the common learning. Can be carried out as a 5-day seminar week or over several seminar days. Single groups up to 30 persons.

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workshop format

A selected part of the OCULAR process matching the selected topic or the current group situation. Can be carried out for a duration of 3 hours. Also suitable for large groups.

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The methodology of OCULAR

In the foreground of the OCULAR project are the interaction of the participants and the joint learning. To do so, we provide an interactive foundation that integrates the needs of the participants and flexibly adapts the process to the goal.

In order to maximize the learning content, theories are combined with everyday situations and experiences of the participants.

Intercultural learning and diversity approach are applied to the group and accompanied by the speakers.

The training is varied and inspiring.

The method elements

  • exercises
  • discussions
  • reflection
  • simulations
  • case studies
  • work in groups
  • role playing
  • individual work

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