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With our educational offers and projects we build bridges between different worlds. Together we meet social challenges and support teachers and youth leaders in their work.

We create a framework to slow down, to focus, to explore, to discover, to understand and to develop.

With our educational and school projects, workshops, virtual seminars and MEETx evenings we offer space to learn together and from each other, to create something new together and to grow as an individual and a society.

Our Workshops

With our open workshops, we offer continuing education courses for active, experienced group leaders, teachers and all those interested.

We develop our workshops according to the needs expressed to us and perceived by us. Therefore, we are gradually developing our offer.

With our method workshops we cover the basics of group management.


With our format MEETx we invite you to an evening in a cozy circle. The focus of the evening will be on a topic, where questions and perspectives will be deepened, exchanged and discussed. Each MEETx is subject to a predetermined topic.

We want to broaden our perspective, generate new impulses, learn together and exchange inspiration. In dialogue, we work out new solutions, create synergy effects and strive for joint and individual development.

Participation in the MEETx is free of charge.
For reasons of planning and limitation of places, a registration is required!

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In communicating learning content, we focus on interactive and experience-based methods – both in virtual and in normal seminars. We work with every single participant, have an eye on the interactions and needs of the group and guide them professionally to the set learning objectives. And even if we are not present at the virtual seminars next to you, they are designed so that the course of the seminar speaks for itself and guides you.

The interaction of goal, process and group is a sensitive matter. With a combination of tact, intuition, technology and accumulated diverse experience, our trainers have a clear view of the goal and adapt the content and methods flexibly to the needs of the group and the process. Based on these experiences, we have also designed the virtual seminars in such a way that our concentrated know-how is processed in them.

Our Trainer Team

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We accompany you!

For us every process and every workshop is unique and we pay attention to your request and situation. We are happy to accompany you in your personal development process!

In a personal conversation, we get an idea of your needs and make you an individual offer.

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Jendrik Peters