Sangu Secondary School

///Sangu Secondary School

The Sangu Secondary School, with several hundred applicants per year, is one of the largest and most popular schools in Tanzania. Almost a quarter of each year, drops out off school because of insufficient grades or lack of financial resources. Every day, about 2,500 pupils stream through the entrance gates of the school grounds and fill the classrooms with up to 90 pupils per class. The private school in Mbeya can present a long list of well-known graduates. There are also many children of politicians and entrepreneurs among their pupils. The Sangu Secondary is not only the partnerschool of the Gesamtschule in Glinde near Hamburg, but was also the workplace of our founder Jendrik Peters during his one-year “weltwärts” year. Sangu also supported us in the design of our scholarship program. Not only the current school management, the colleagues and the pupils were involved, but also graduates and former students of Jendrik Peters. The school, like most private schools in Tanzania, faces the challenge that about a third of the students can not pay the school fees up until directly before the exams or at all.