The Kipaji Scholarship

//The Kipaji Scholarship

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A completed school education is not self-evident anywhere in the world. In Tanzania it is very rare and very special. For this reason, with the Kipaji Scholarship, we are helping students to complete their continuing education in the school, thus providing them with better opportunities for the future.

Our scholarship packages

With each donation, you can support the Kipaji scholarship and thus our scholarship holders in their development. The following scholarship packages provide an overview of the amount of our scholarships.

Public Schools

(school fees and materials)

can be supported by

60 € per year

5 € per month

Private Schools

(school fees)

can be supported by

240 € per year

20 € per month

Private Schools

(school fees, accomodation & housing)

can be supported by

720 € per year

60 € per month

Our Scholars

Get to know our scholarship holders and learn more about their stories, everyday life in a Tanzanian school and their view of education.

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Our Partners

Get to know the schools and partners that have supported us in the concept of the fellowship and with whom we are cooperating in awarding our scholarships.

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Mariam H.

Mariam, who was born in Songea in the south of Tanzania in 1998, is one of our scholarship years 2014 and 2015. Together with her six siblings, she grew up with her mother since her father died in 2008. As

Rachel M.

Rachel was born around the turn of the century in Makambako. When she was four, her parents and her three younger siblings parted, and they were divided, as is often the case in Tanzania, within the whole family, so she

TAI Tanzania

The NGO TAI, which has existed since 2012, is, similar to Kipaji, an organization founded by students. They have devoted themselves to reducing unemployment, especially by university graduates in Tanzania, and supporting girls and young women in their education. In

Tumaini University Mbeya

The term “Tumaini” means hope and trust in Swahili. The main focus of the university lies in the field of teacher training. Against this background, we have included them in the conception of the 2013 scholarship program. In addition, we

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