The Foundation Fund

//The Foundation Fund

The decision for a foundation fund

It was clear that students in Tanzania should be supported and that donations should be collected for this purpose.

The big question that had to be clarified, however, was which legal form was the right one.

There are many opportunities in the non-profit sector: the registered association, the foundation with legal capacity, the trust foundation and, for some years, the non-profit GmbH and UG. All legal forms have their advantages and disadvantages. There are differences in the size of the share capital, in the size of the founding team and in the way the administration is done. The decision was made on the foundation fund. The foundation fund offers us professional support by our trustee and the potential to grow into the legal forms trust trust and legal foundation.

What is a foundation fund

An endowment fund is managed by a trustee. At Kipaji, this is done by the non-profit Stifter-für-Stifter Foundation. The foundation fund consists of a donation fund and a donation account.
The donation fund is created by the trustee so that the money in it works constantly and generates interest profits. These can then be used according to the statute. The donations to the donation fund can also be used flexibly, ie both short and long term.

The funds of the donation account are again used at short notice or within 2 years in the sense of the statute.

In addition, an endowment fund may issue donation receipts through the trustee. As a result, the donations paid can be deducted from the tax.

How we work as a foundation fund

As a team behind the Kipaji Foundation, we are responsible for establishing and maintaining contacts with our partner schools. In addition, we take over the scholarship process, from the application concept, the selection of our scholarship holders to the further contact with our scholarship holders until they are transferred to the alumni network of the Kipaji network. When choosing the scholarship holders, we work closely with our partner schools, as they often have a very good insight into the family situations of our applicants and scholarship holders.

The administration and bookkeeping of the foundation fund is taken over by the non-profit foundation Stifter-für-Stifter and the House of Foundations in Munich. When paying out the scholarships we will be assisted by the project service International of the W.P. Schmitz Foundation in Düsseldorf supported and professionally supported.

The Foundation Stifter-für-Stifter

Orientation for donors and those who want to become one.

The Foundation Stifter für Stifter provides information on pens and invites to events in order to get more people excited about the idea of founding. It is carried by people who are already involved themselves as founders.

The Foundation Stifter für Stifter was established as a legally binding foundation under civil law on 3 December 2003 and approved on 12 December 2003 by the government of Upper Bavaria with the purpose of education and training. In 2014, the purpose of the foundation was expanded to promote civic engagement in favor of charitable, benevolent and ecclesiastical purposes. It is based in Munich and is managed by the Haus des Stiftens gGmbH.

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