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A partnership based concept

Since the first idea of the Kipaji Scholarship, we have worked with some schools in Tanzania to design the scholarship, to build on the needs of schools and students, and to award scholarships. On this page we introduce our partner schools and partners.


Partners have helped shape our concept and work with us.


Years of education made possible by your support.

Presentation of our partners

TAI Tanzania

The NGO TAI, which has existed since 2012, is, similar to Kipaji, an organization founded by students. They have devoted themselves to reducing unemployment, especially by university graduates in Tanzania, and supporting girls and young women in their education. In

Sangu Secondary School

The Sangu Secondary School, with several hundred applicants per year, is one of the largest and most popular schools in Tanzania. Almost a quarter of each year, drops out off school because of insufficient grades or lack of financial resources.

Mongola Secondary School

The Mongola Secondary School, founded in 2006, is a public-sector secondary school in Mzumbe. Mzumbe is located south-west of the city of Morogoro, which is an important commercial hub for Tanzania with its location and infrastructure. The school is visited

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