Our Scholarship Holders

//Our Scholarship Holders


Years of education made possible by your support.

Shaping the future through education.

Through your support and the implementation of educational projects, we are able to award our Kipaji scholarship to students in Tanzania. Thanks to the scholarship, our fellows have the opportunity to continue their education and to finish their secondary school. Here you can find out more about our scholarship holders and their stories.

Stories of our scholarship holders

Mariam H.

Mariam, who was born in Songea in the south of Tanzania in 1998, is one of our scholarship years 2014 and 2015. Together with her six siblings, she grew up with her mother since her father died in 2008. As

Rachel M.

Rachel was born around the turn of the century in Makambako. When she was four, her parents and her three younger siblings parted, and they were divided, as is often the case in Tanzania, within the whole family, so she

Grace M.

Grace, which is part of our scholarship year 2014 and 2015, attends the Emmaberg Secondary School. In 1998 she was born in the Tanzanian highlands in Njombe. She lives with her three siblings with her father. Her mother has already

Lackrima K.

Lackrima attends the Emmaberg Girls Secondary School. She was born in Ilembula, 50 kilometers away, and grew up there. Her parents are small farmers and meanwhile divorced. As the firstborn, she assumes responsibility for all six siblings, although they do

Tulahelela M.

Our scholarship holder Tulahelela is supported by us in the years 2014 and 2015. She goes to Emmaberg Girls Secondary School and was born in the nearby Makambako 1998. Her father died in her early childhood and in 2014 her

Shukrani K.

From the small village of Ilembula comes our scholarship holder Shukrani, born in 1999. We support the student of the Emmaberg Girls Secondary School in the years 2014 and 2015. Shukrani has been living with her stepmother and her four

Elizabeth M.

In 2014 we support the scholarship holder Elizabeth. She visits the Emmaberg Girls Secondary School and comes from the nearby town of Njombe. She was born in 1995 in the family of small farmers and grew up with four siblings.

Neema K.

In 2014, we support Neema at the Emmaberg Girls Secondary School. Neema comes originally from the big city of Iringa, where she was born around the turn of the century. Her parents both died when Neema was three years old.

Azuhura T.

Studying at a university is the great dream of our scholarship student Azuhura. She was born in Mbeya in 1995 and attends the Mbeya Secondary School to promote herself and later the Tanzanian society. Already, she is making a great

Edgar M.

With the Kipaji scholarship we not only relieve Edgar in 2014 but also his entire family of the financial pressure. The student, born in Mbeya (born in 1994), dreams of going to college later, which drives him to learn more.

Elika J.

In her spare time, our scholarship holder Elika is engaged in the Environment of the Mbeya Secondary School. Here, the student born in 1994 plants trees and flowers on the school grounds and takes care of them. Her motivation is

Elizabeth A.

Our scholarship holder Elizabeth wants to follow her dreams. To this end, schooling is an important tool for her. We are therefore glad to be able to support the 1996-born Mbeya Secondary School student in 2014 on her way. Elisabeth,

Emmanuel M.

Emmanuel, born in Mbeya in 1995, is about to graduate from school. With the scholarship of the Kipaji Founding Fund, we support the student of the Mbeya Secondary School in 2014 to successfully complete the last two years of his

Enock M.

Education means to develop oneself as well as to support others. That’s what Enock, born in 1995, says. The pupil of the Mbeya Secondary School originally came from the city of Kigoma, which is just over 1,000 kilometers away. The

Frank M.

Nearly 650 kilometers lie between his birthplace Morogoro and his school, the Mbeya Secondary School. Frank, born in 1993, would like to follow his mother’s footsteps and become a teacher. In order to support the further development of pupils, he

Grace L.

South of Lake Rukwa lies the small town of Ifuko, which is home to the 1992-born Grace. Grace is a scholar of the year 2014 and attends the Mbeya Secondary School. Her widowed mother tries to support the family as

Happy M.

Happy is able to concentrate fully on her education in the Mbeya Secondary School through the Kipaji fellowship, which makes her very happy. Born in 1994, Mbeya is a member of our scholarship year 2014. Her mother is also very

Justin M.

100 kilometers lie between Justin’s home Tunduma and his school, the Mbeya Secondary School. Justin was born in 1994 and is about to graduate. Therefore, he is very grateful that he is able to successfully complete his school career through

Kelvin K.

Since his father died and his mother had to take care of the family, Kelvin, who was born in 1993, had to earn his own school fees. In addition to his work as a barber, he also works for fellow

Michael K.

Michael was born in 1993 and attends the Mbeya Secondary School. His home is located 1000 kilometers north of Mbeya and is called Kigoma. In addition to the school, Michael is also vice president of the organization TYCS (Tansania Young

Sadick M.

For the year 2014, we are promoting Sadick born in 1992, relieving not only him but also his family of financial pressure. As a son of a peasant family, Sadick, who is from Mbeya, is engaged not only in his

Said N.

In the scholarship year 2014, we are pleased to welcome Said, born in 1994. Said attends Mbeya Secondary School and is about to graduate. He comes from the southern Tukuyu and has become an orphan early in his life. He

Sarah B.

Sarah, who was born in 1996, is part of our scholarship year 2014. The pupil of the Mbeya Secondary School shows great voluntary commitment both in the environmental school of the school and in the support of fellow pupils with

Shukrani N.

In 1990 our scholarship student Shukrani was born in Rungwe. The student of the Mbeya Secondary School is a pupil of Form 5 shortly before her graduation. We are pleased to welcome Shukrani 2014 with our scholarship to help her

Tegemea C.

In the southern Tanzanian highlands near Njombe, our scholarship student Tegemea was born in 1994. She attends form 5 of the Mbeya Secondary School and is therefore nearing school. With the scholarship she would like to successfully complete her school

Yasintha O.

In 2014, we support the committed Yasintha with our scholarship. She was born in Mbeya in 1994 and is a member of the Mbeya Secondary School community service group. This means that she is helping fellow students with disabilities in

Tunu N.

For him, education means personal growth and the development of his environment. In 1994 Tunu was born in Mbeya, the son of small farmers. Tunu is particularly versatile in technology. He is part of the municipal computer club, the schools

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