The Kipaji Scholarship

//The Kipaji Scholarship

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A completed education is not common everywhere in the world. In Tanzania it is even very rare and very special. Therefore, with the Kipaji Scholarship, we help students complete their secondary education, thus giving them better opportunities for the future.


Percent of young people attend Secondary School


Percent of the student body drop out of secondary school.

  • daily food
  • schooluniform
  • schoolmaterial
  • hygiene products
  • material transport

How we enable education

With our Kipaji scholarship, we make it possible for students to continue to go to school and put their dream of a school graduation into practice.

Our scholarship includes daily food, a school uniform, the necessary school supplies, toiletries for the students and the transport of materials to the school.


approximate cost of a scholarship per year and scholarship holder

Who we support

In Tanzania, we work closely with our partner organization TAI and the partner schools. The student body is informed by the school management about the possibility of the scholarship and every student can apply.

The selection of the scholarship holders is made together with TAI and the school management. Our fellows will be accompanied by us from the moment they receive the scholarship until the completion of the secondary school.

Together with our scholarship holders, TAI and the partner schools, we regularly discuss current needs and wishes in order to adapt and further develop the scholarship.

Exchange and growth

From the very beginning, we have been sharing and learning together. Thus, we regularly exchange information with all involved partners, plan together adjustments, changes and the growth of the scholarship program.

Get to know our scholarship holders and learn more about their stories, everyday life in a Tanzanian school and their perspective on education.

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Get to know the schools and partners who have supported us in the conception of the scholarship and with whom we collaborate in awarding the scholarships.

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