TAI Tanzania

The NGO TAI, which has existed since 2012, is, similar to Kipaji, an organization founded by students. They have devoted themselves to reducing unemployment, especially by university graduates in Tanzania, and supporting girls and young women in their education. In their projects, they work with many international volunteers to expand the company’s diversity and horizons. In their work they are also supported by different, partly international, partners, investors, mentors and supporters. With their two projects, they are particularly active in the Dar es Salaam and Morogoro regions. The JAHAZI project aims to reduce the unemployment of university graduates. To enable this, TAI offers further education, workshops and other open formats at universities. Topics such as marketing, entrepreneurship and business planning are intended to help students and graduates to transform their own ideas into reality. Through mentor programs and a collaborative exchange platform, a so-called innovation hub, they accompany and support the emergence of companies and self-employment. The JALI project aims to support girls and young women. They address a major problem that is usually ignored or even tabooed. Many girls leave school with puberty, or at least do not attend the school at regular intervals, as a great lack of information and hygiene articles lead to the girls staying at home during their menstruation. This is where TAI is set up and is already offering courses in 10 further underprivileged schools in Dar es Salaam and the Morogoro region. In eight lessons each day, they are dealing with topics such as puberty, menstruation, hygiene, relationships, pregnancy and childbirth, sexually transmitted diseases, contraception and gender equality. Since 2017, TAI has supported us in organizing and communicating with local schools and scholarship holders. Further information can be found on the TAI website: https://www.tai.or.tz/