Cindy Fischer

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Cindy Fischer

Trainer. Team Development. Outdoor Pedagogy.

Targeted and looking after the needs of the group, she works interactively with all her participants.

BA of Arts „Teaching and Learning“
Studies of educational sciences
Train-the-Trainer (AIESEC e.V.)
Team Developer (AIESEC e.V.)
Outdoor Pedagogy (Schattenspringer GmbH)
continuous development

Practical Experience:
Self-employed team developer, trainer and outdoor trainer in the economic, school and non-profit context

Core Competences:


Team development, team collaboration, personal development, leadership and leadership development, intercultural awareness and skills, outdoor exercises and experience-based learning


About Cindy Fischer:


As a trainer for intercultural competences and preparation and follow-up abroad, Cindy Fischer brings with her a broad cultural understanding and interest. In the course of her activities as chairman, trainer and team developer for the AIESEC e.V., she gained a wealth of experience in the development and realization of conferences and workshops in the intercultural environment.

Ms. Cindy Fischer is a freelance trainer for outdoor adventure pedagogy at Schattenspringer GmbH and the Hanse Rock adventure park as a safety trainer in the high wire park. She is also active as a team developer and mentor for AIESEC e.V.

In addition to her diverse educational skills, Cindy Fischer has a structured and empathic personality as a trainer.