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Desireé Haas

Trainer. Team Developer.

With motivation and fun, she directs group dynamic processes and brings each group towards their goal.

BA of Arts in Pedagogy and classical archeology
Master Studies in Pedagogy
Train-the-Trainer (AIESEC e.V.)
Team Developer (AIESEC e.V.)
Mediation (CAU in Kiel)
continuous development

Practical Experience:
Trainer, speaker, project manager and developer at the Kipaji Group
Trainer and board member at AIESEC e.V.

Core Competences:


Intercultural cooperation, project development and implementation, personal development, communication processes, organizational development and change management, conflict management and mediation, feedback culture.


About Desirée Haas:


Personal development and fun is particularly important to Desirée Haas in her work as a trainer, team developer and group companion. She is convinced that an individual development can only arise if the group as a whole is motivated and looking forward to the upcoming learning process.

Fast and purposeful process changes adapted to the needs of the group is a special strength of her. This makes her a compassionate, flexible and at the same time structured companion of groups in both business and school contexts.

Through her experience in various intercultural, virtual, strategic as well as classic projects, Desirée Haas developed a strong intercultural competence and the ability to quickly analyze and control even the most complex group dynamics processes. These practical skills are backed through her theoretical and scientific studies.

In addition to her field competences and skills, Desirée Haas is a contagious, joyful, creative and goal-oriented trainer personality.