Jendrik Peters

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Jendrik Peters

Trainer. Coach. Team Developer. Consultant.

With regard to the participants and the group, he is able to maneuver dynamically and safely through complex processes.

Studies of psychology, economical engineering
and physics
Trainer and Trainer-Instructor (AIESEC e.V.)
Team Development (AIESEC e.V.)
Systemic Coach (diecoachingakademie)
Mediator (diecoachingakademie)
Lumina Spark Consultant (LuminaLearning)
continuous development

Practical Experience:
Founder and managing director of the Kipaji Group
Lecturer at the brand academy in Hamburg
Lecturer at the coachingakademie
Independent team developer and coach in the economic, school and non-profit context

Core Competences:


Teamwork, communication, organizational processes, work organization, potential development, decision-making processes, professional orientation, agile projects and leadership, experiential learning and intercultural communication processes


About Jendrik Peters:


In the course of his many years of activities as a manager, coach, consultant and team developer in various corporate contexts, Jendrik Peters developed a transcultural and systemic competence which he brings to the consulting and monitoring of his training groups and customers.

The experience with intercultural teams, projects abroad, groups with the most varied backgrounds and participants from more than 30 countries leave Jendrik Peters consciously dealing with group dynamics and individual challenges. In reaching the common goal, he helps to gain new perspectives, to define new ways and to implement the following steps. In the process he works respectfully and encouragingly with his counterpart.

Through a professional concept and against the background of a great diversity of methods, he is keen to flexibly implement the needs of his participants and coachees, and to make solutions and learning experiences tangible.

In addition to his didactic expertise, Jendrik Peters has a very motivating, dynamic and inspiring consultant personality.