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Nadine Hunkert

Trainer. Team Developer. Speaker.

Dynamic, flexible, clearly structured and organized, she empathically, competently and purposefully accompanies each of her groups.

Studies of communication management
Train-the-Trainer (AIESEC e.V.)
Team Developer (AIESEC e.V.)
continuous development

Practical Experience:
Founder and managing director of the Kipaji Group
Public relations, project coordination and board work in different organizations
Team developer and trainer in the economic, school and non-profit context

Core Competences:


Leadership and leadership development, personal development, organization development and sales, communication processes, brand development and brand communication


About Nadine Hunkert:


Nadine Hunkert has accumulated extensive experience with various cultural backgrounds and trained in different contexts throughout Europe. Through these experiences and the different educational and industry contexts of her participants she developed a global and flexible training style tailored to the respective group.

Within the framework of her many years of experience as managing director and project manager in various organizations Nadine Hunkert has acquired a wide range, not just theoretical knowledge, on the topics of leadership, communication and management.

As an organizational developer, communications officer and press officer, Nadine Hunkert has developed a particularly strong competence to develop new, creative and long-term solutions and to implement them in the most complex structures and groups.

In addition to her organized, efficient and structured approach, Nadine Hunkert embodies a motivating, flexible and inspiring consultant personality.