The OCULAR Project

Whether in the media or through our fellow human beings: daily we come into contact with other cultures. Through globalization and technology development, it has become impossible to remain alone in a cultural circle. But no matter whether in the discussion round on television or in the education policy – culture is often understood as a means of delineation instead of the coincidence. One speaks of “multiculturalism, interculturality and integration” and draws clear boundaries between the stranger and the acquaintance. If we observe ourselves, however, we see that we all learn from other cultures and absorb some of them within us. Whether we love Arabic food, watch the Superbowl or Japanese TV shows on television, we often learn from the lower values ​​that are unconsciously mediated. We are daily in contact with other cultures and create our own culture. This is something that makes us unique and shapes us as an individual. At this point, Kipaji is using his freshly designed OCULAR project. We offer this project in the form of a project week for secondary schools in the Hamburg area. The OCULAR project takes a look at the individual cultures of the pupils and the composition in the class association. We build on the three goals of personality development, mutual learning, team building and team development. Understanding, tolerance, exchange and individual growth are the key words here. What makes the OCULAR project stand out clearly from other projects on culture is that we attach great importance to the class culture and together with the students think about how to combine the different cultures in the class into a common “class culture” How to change, strengthen or advance them. At the moment, the first talks with schools are being held for the planning and realization of the project. If you are interested or have questions, please contact