Finding and going new paths

Whether decisions, the encounter of challenges or conflicts or the desire for personal development. A coaching process helps you to look at the situation precisely and from different perspectives. From the initial situation, the coach will help you to develop a perfect but also realistic image of the goal. In the further process, you will be accompanied by the coach to take the paved path and to incorporate changes, impulses and new wishes into the ongoing process.

Our format and thematic focusses

  • Individual coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • communication
  • conflicts
  • leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • decision-making processes
  • values ​​and vision
  • self-concept
  • Behavior and appearance
  • Lumina Spark

Our self-understanding

With a systemic background, we take on the coachee’s concern. We look at the various relevant perspectives and illuminate the challenge or situation from a new light.

By means of results-oriented interventions, new ways and solutions are developed and different ways to the goal are determined. In the further process, current situations and new impulses are integrated into the process and committed by the coachee.

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