Engage and evolve development

We believe in human potential and offer the framework to refine our own competences. In our interactive workshops we use a variety of methods to make tangible and applicable topics such as presentation competency, rhetoric, project management, feedback or professional orientation. With our portfolio, we support the development of non-for-profit through schools and economic enterprises. In addition, in cases of personal reorientation or change, we offer special coaching activities, which accompany and support the development and implementation of our own goals.

Our format and thematic focusses

  • communication
  • rhetoric
  • intercultural communication
  • intercultural awareness
  • Leadership development
  • Conflict management
  • Project Management
  • Presenting
  • Vocational orientation
  • Visualization
  • Lumina Spark

Our self-understanding

In the transfer of learning contents we focus on interactive and experience-based methods. We work with each individual participant, have the interactions and needs of the group in view and accompany the group professionally to the workshop goal.

The interplay of goal, process and group is a delicate matter. With a blend of fingertip, intuition, technology, and a wealth of experience, our trainers have a clear vision of the goal and adapt the content and methods flexibly to the needs of the group and the process.

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For us, every process and workshop is unique and we pay attention to your concerns and situation.

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